Career Training & Services

Empowering young generations with skills, language proficiency, confidence and
cultural understanding as well as appreciation of a variety of professional pursuits!

We aim to help young generations plan their career path in a more global, rational and practical way and to become the elite talents in the specific field.

  • The guardian services: admission test, course selection, ESL English class, pta, transcripts, school schedule, etc
  • Ascertain the new semester curriculum for our students to begin their study in Canada’s new educational institutions
  • Further add-ons: reminder to take the language test (IELTS, TOEFL etc) as required in the application process, provision of guidance for after-school tutoring if needed, provision of guidance for volunteer activities, travel arrangements for summer and winter vacations upon request, post-secondary or post-graduate application for university, post-graduate employment consultation services etc.