Cultural Exchange

Experience and enrich your life as a local - be it a gap year, career break, or simply a multicultural carnival!

We believe the world is better when people try to understand one another. Our exchange programs enables people of all ages and interests to have the opportunity to see new places, experience new cultures, to meet the local people, to share different views in a global vision, to learn new things about the world and about themselves, by living with the local people of the community rather than the identity of visitors to a foreign country.

Gap Year

Whether you are considering a Gap Year or a Career Change, you can achieve your goal by the advanced diploma courses in different areas, including industrial and commercial economy, media arts, tourism management, fashion design, international business, or courses combined with English, professional knowledge and practice abroad, R&A enthusiastically contributes to our students by actively working in partnership with local Canadian educational institutions and organizations to help our students improve their English skills in the field of profession while obtaining relevant working experience, adding bonus points for their resumes, getting to know students from all over the world and establishing more international contacts in the realm concerned.

Multicultural Carnivals

We believe that ethnical and cultural diversity is a source of strength, vitality and prosperity for any areas with an international cognition. R&A is committed to be part of the cultural ethnic and cultural mix by actively promoting multiculturalism through hosting or sharing Asian featured events and festivals accompanied by food, music, entertainment, arts and crafts, bringing diversity that will make our community a vibrant, inclusive and magnetic place that it sets the stage for a kaleidoscope of festivals and joyous expressions of what brings us together and what sets us apart. From authentic Chinese Culinary Fest, Face Off in Sichuan Opera, the Asian Heritage Lantern Show, to the Japanese Takoyaki and Tepanyaki, parties that pay homage to heritage and culture come in every flavor.

Based on our successful industrial experience in designing short or mid-term training courses in collaboration with professionals and entrepreneurs in various spheres and industries for young graduates from school and colleges, below are our popular featured training courses and services:

International Healthcare Intensive Sandwich Program

A one-stop program incorporating language training (English and Japanese), healthcare skills and on-site training course in collaboration with our entrepreneur clients is aiming to empower students interested in the sector of healthcare to become confident, resilient and global talents and skilled workers to succeed at workplaces worldwide. Successful completion of the course may lead to attainment of certificate as required by workplace as well as an offer of work at the partnership healthcare entrepreneurs.

International Culinary & Hospitality Intensive Sandwich Program

Our partnership with our entrepreneur clients in the tourism and hospitality sector in Asia and in North America, allowing our students to increase their cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of the industry whilst in the meantime to enhance our young candidates with language proficiency as well as skills needed during a 3 months up to 12 months internship on site both at home and abroad. Successful completion of the program may lead to attainment of an offer of work at the partnership hospitality entrepreneurs.

Other Skilled Worker Training and Work Placement Program

It provides skill-based training as jointly developed with our clients mainly in IT programming industry with intensive language training provided to the expected level of proficiency. Graduate ready to work at IT industries with offer of workplace in Japan and North America.