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Prince Edward Island is a place rich in history, culture, creativity and scrumptious local food. PEI  is located off the east coast of Canada in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Affectionately called the Island, it is nestled among the Atlantic Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador. Islanders are authentically friendly and passionate with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Could be for the endless rolling hills or being surrounded by the ocean; people say PEI is so scenic and peaceful just like a land in storybooks.  Thousands of visitors come here to see Anne of Green Gables’ land, the place they’ve pictured in their minds and they are thrilled to see that the shining waters, green pastures and bright coastline they’ve read about in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Novels aren’t a fantasy.

Here, nature and modern life co-exist; albeit, create a fine balance. As a small island, our environment and ecosystems are fragile. Islanders recognize the importance of measures to mitigate and protect our environment so that crops flourish, shellfish thrive and visitors may continue to enjoy the beauty of this magical place.


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