RAE Study Tour

R&A Summer / Winter Camp

The mission of R&A study tour is to enrich the lives of children, youth and adults through the camp experience. We help children develop self-esteem, character, courage, responsibility, resourcefulness, and cooperation. Quality camp experiences will help children develop the healthy emotional and social skills necessary to grow into strong, considerate, competent adults. We believe that the camp experience is essential to every child’s growth and education. Our camp is an opportunity for your child to learn about the world around them and to extend their education as deeply and broadly as they would like to. We believe that each of us plays such an important role in the stewardship of our environment—both natural and manmade, while we work together to help children grow into committed, responsible citizens by teaching them to appreciate, respect, and care for the world in which they live.

Featured Camps

We strive to turn the world into opportunities for the youth to learn a language or skill, to experience a different culture, to explore the world, and to make global partners through a more flexible way to travel.
With successful experience organizing young students and youth groups to attend summer/winter camps in the past, below is a list of our popular featured camps:

Overseas English Intensive Camps

Our language learning does not simply stay in an indoor classroom. To help students improve language skills, to learn authentic English in different spheres, we have developed an outdoor classroom by guiding our students by experiencing the local culture, paying academic visits, short tours throughout the tailored programs according to the main features that our students care most. 

STEAM Science and Art Camps

With partnership with local museums and other institutions, we allow our students to increase their understanding and appreciation of a variety of scientific pursuits.

Music/Dance/Drama/Program-ming/Debate Camps

As the name says it all, these featured camps are to develop and empower our campers with skills, proficiency and cultural understanding in every specific areas of our students’ interest.

Summer and Winter Sports Camps s

With golf/archery/spinnaker sailing/horse riding/curling/ice hockey themes, camps can be designed with multiple activities or as primarily focused on one activity.

Outdoor adventure-based programs

 Activities include the ROPES course, arts and crafts, rock climbing, and a variety of sports and adventure-based activities.